Garth John murdered

Another member of our community has died violently, stabbed to death repeatedly in his home by three assailants who then stole his car, an attack being widely rumoured as having been initiated on A4A. It’s beyond time to take stronger community action to prevent and address such violence. Calls are also being raised about how we partner more effectively with victims’ families and advocacy with law enforcement on violence against us. Look out for some action steps and community activities from CAISO and others soon.

Dating site crimes against MSM in T&T raised with international human rights body

The violence many in the gay community here are aware has happened, largely unchecked, to many local users of the A4A website was raised before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, to illustrate how in Trinidad & Tobago sodomy laws prevent victims from seeking justice. On October 24 of last year, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the first time in its history, held a thematic hearing on human rights violations related to gender expression, gender identity and sexual orientation. The presentation to the Commission on the Anglophone Caribbean by human rights lawyer Joel Simpson focused on the region’s sodomy laws and their impact on human rights. T&T Police and Ministry of National Security officials had no response when the pattern of A4A attacks was brought to their attention in January 2008.