I am not only a person living with HIV… Our work in HIV prevention has to…deal with…that… I am first and foremost a citizen of this beloved country

“Our work in HIV prevention has to move beyond short-term interventions…It has to deal with issues of internalised stigma and shame…requires a reengineering, a deeper understanding…a stronger partnering…a clear demonstration of leadership from the powers that govern us,” David Soomarie tells UNAIDS.

Remembering our history (Know Your Country)

Historically Trinidad and Tobago has probably always had an active gay community. Governor Sir Ralph Woodford reputedly surrounded himself with “pretty young men”. In the late 1920s, a group calling itself the Society of Trinidad Independents that promoted Trinidad and Tobago’s art and published “The Beacon” magazine, was noted for its tolerance toward the gay and lesbian community, their leading members being homosexual.