Justice for all children: Will you march under CAISO’s banner?

CAISO has been invited to bring our banner and march with others for justice for children next week Saturday. Will you say yes, and march as CAISO? Originally organized as a march for justice in the unsolved case of Akiel Chambers (an 11-year-old boy found dead and sexually abused in an affluent neighbourhood in 1998), the Domestic Violence Coalition, ChildLine and UWI Gender Studies have now joined the Jericho Project to: raise awareness of the prevalence of child abuse in T&T; lobby for justice in several unresolved cases; and advocate for a modern and effective child welfare system.

Will you march? Let us know: 758-7676 ♦ caisott@gmail.com

One thought on “Justice for all children: Will you march under CAISO’s banner?

  1. Every time I think about Akiel, my chest gets tight. I cried when I first read details about that case and just the whole story. The whole thing made me profoundly sad and marked a turning point in my life where I was no longer naive about violent crime (not in general) but crime & children at home. This was not some spectre in a Jeffrey Dahmer story, conveniently removed from me culturally. This was home. Smack dab next to me, metaphorically and then some. A boy who could be my cousin or relative otherwise. And we failed him. Justice (as per usual in Trini) failed him. I even wrote a poem about him (and dedicated to other lost children too). It helped me channel my sadness and frustration over these lives of children. God bless them all.

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