Resisting the war on love Pt. 3

Whew! Busy media advocacy day.

  • New release went out
  • Young people interviewed at Newsday
  • Gayelle’s We News interviewed Brandon and Colin for a long story on the 7pm newscast: Tune in again at 7am Tuesday: on television or online
  • On Larry Lumsden’s new Power 102 show “Let’s Talk”, 9pm Thursday
  • Check the dailies Tuesday for stories!
  • Desmond Tutu has a piece in Essence today where he says:
    “Today I pray for people in Africa and throughout the world who long for freedom because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. It grieves me to be retiring at this crucial moment in history, so I write to you in this open letter, to invite you to pick up the work that remains to be done. … Each of you is called to respond to God’s urgency for love and life. So whether you are in South Africa, the United States or anywhere else, humanity needs to accept its own diversity as a gift from our Creator. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are part of our family of God.”

Desmond Tutu: 'Hate Has No Place in God's House'

We are a family. Big turnout at the Emmanuel Community event. A CAISO leader’s uncle opens the event. Another one’s mom is on the panel. Church service yesterday was at a third’s dad’s church. Colin speaks during the Q&A: says the priest he first confessed being gay to told him he was okay, so did a childhood psychiatrist; so he grew up liking himself. He warns the panel that young people are terrified by the visit and heterosexual young people are organizing to protect young gay people from them as adults.

Seems they’re just as upset as we are with the Express though, which cast them as declaring war on their fellow citizens. They’ve called and complained to Debra John. They claim they’ve sent only love in their presentations. But the I95 broadcast of Judy Henry at the breakfast tells a different story.

“…he would exchange with them on any encounter the pleasantries one does in a small place where you are unstintingly connected to everyone – even everyone you did not like, you were bound to” In two days, we have a relationship with these crusading women: Wendy Hoyte is joking with Colin she wanted to give him a calpet for his comment, because he’s heard their presentations and should know better. Garthlyn Pilgrim teases him she thinks he’s pursuing her, showing up at so many of their events, but when he asks, says she doesn’t really want him. It is often painful, but this is one critical way in which we do the work: when we show up as human, in relationship with others. It’s called “coming out”.

Ruminating on the big points in Lee’s standard stump speech:

  • Homosexuality is “most definitely an acquired behaviour”
  • Too often homosexuality is elevated to a place of sin where God himself has not placed it; it’s in the middle of the list in 1 Cor. 6, e.g. (so why focus a whole ministry and this visit on it, instead of other sins that are having a much bigger impact?)
  • The Church owes an apology to the gay community (always gets applause)
  • He didn’t grow up in a Christian household; he converted at 35
  • You can’t help smiling at the double entendre in what he cried out during the miracle of his conversion: “Lord if you are real, I need you to come”
  • On October 5, 1985 (where were you?), he literally heard the chains of homosexuality snap, break and fall – and he never take man again. He said goodbye to all his gay friends and his gay support network. But heterosexual dating, romance and marriage should be tabled for later on for those coming out of homosexuality. (He’s making it clear this “way out” thing is no picnic!)
  • Seems, although he says he’s straight now, he’s not had sex since he converted
  • He was one of the 200 subjects in the controversial study by DSM-III editor Robert Spitzer of people successfully changing their sexual orientation
  • 80-85% (no citation) of people who struggle with (that’s the only verb that goes with it) homosexuality were sexually violated as children
Photo: Curtis Chase

And here’s a pick of some of the more interesting of the over 130 comments on the Sunday Express story. They’re running 3 to 1 against the visit and its message:

  • Before I read through these comments I was half expecting to see a continuous list of homophobic rants a la Uganda. What a pleasure it was to see that the people of Trinidad and Tobago are seeing this fellow for what he is, a hypocritical, right wing fundamentalist who is losing influence in his own ccountry and seeking to impose his views on yours. Love your neighbour and banish hate! (Malcanoid)
  • These people call themselves Trinbagonians? They bring a exgay foreigner to declare war on their own fellow citizens and deprive them of safety! When people start waging war on your gay children (or children people just think are gay) in the streets and schools of our nation, blood will be on Garthlyn Pilgrim and Judy Henry and Alice Yorke SooHon head, and it will not be the blood of Jesus. Why they eh bring President Obama? He just put a video on the White House website talking to young gay people saying “You didn’t do anything wrong. And there’s a whole world waiting for you, filled with possibilities. There are people out there who love and care about you just the way you are. In time you’re going to see that your differences are a source of pride and a source of strength. You’ll be more likely to help fight discrimination in all its forms. All of us are equal, and each of us deserves the freedom to pursue our own version of happiness, to be true to ourselves.” Backwards old fools! (Gay by birth)
  • well again we are faced with an issue that help to bring out the worst in many people so dis is my soultion if u are gay and looking for salvation go c if he can help (hav fun lol) if u are gay and happy wit ur choice den by all means ignore him lol and for all u self righteous people just stop no body cares about u quoting ur bible jus because ur unhappy wit ur life does not give u the right to try and make every one else life miserable and i will end wit saying let he without sin cast the first stone 🙂 lets c who still pelting LMAF (BI)
  • Why is the Express allowing a forum for backward Trinis to display their ignorance? You know how many of them will be braying their stupidity all over this page today? This page will be one embarrassing spectacle of ignorance by lunchtime, I’m sure. Shame on you, Express. There was no need to publish the rantings of this foolish pastor, and allowing his even stupider caveman ‘believers’ the opportunity to spill bile on this page! Fifth World at its best! (why?)
  • PROOF IN BLACK AND WHITE THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE HYPOCRITES. Lee talked about “God”s divine intent for human sexuality was for “heterosexual, monogamous marriage.” Now tell we this. What is the bigger problem in Trinidad, homosexuality or promiscuity and ertra-marital affairs. Yet these hypocrites would not touch the latter with a ten foot pole.
  • In the Bible God did not just say that homosexuality was a bad thing but it’s an abomination, think about it. Which would you prefer human rights or eternal life? You choose. (trini to de bone)
  • Dear Phillip Lee, Please leave our country and take along all these “christian” bigots with you. Your kind is not welcome here. (non h8r)
  • im not a follower of the bible my religion dont condemn it , question if pastor lee is so convinced he can make a difference here why didnt he try to change america and the rest of the world before he try tnt (hoochie)
  • I hope all this being said people start to boycott these doctors and lawyers who obviously cannot be trusted with giving the best care/advice since they are obviously biased in their way of thinking. (RG)
  • The only good thing about this article is that it exposes two public officials’ (Lee Sing and Yorke Soo-Hon) religious beliefs which may impact negatively on the performance of their duties. I hope that if a gay defendant comes before her, Yorke Soo-Hon will know that she has to recuse herself immediately. P.S. I’m straight and God doesn’t exist. Two facts,plain and simple. (Religions Divides)
  • Historically, homophobia has been the per view of the European Christian faiths. In fact this in one of the issues that split the orthodox church from the catholics. African and Indian societies had more positive things to do. To my gay brothers and sisters, when out American brothers and sisters were faced with the same issue, they began OUTING the hypocrites in their own society. We know they are in the Government and Opposition, in the priesthood and the revival ministries. We know where you are and the time may be drawing near when we will expose you. Be guided accordingly. (Dougla)
  • I sure i see Pastor Phillip Lee in sky last night…….. (sky boi)
  • “A former homosexual” LMAO, thank you, Trinidad Express for a much needed laugh today. Maybe all Lee needs is a little (or big) dick in his mouth, seriously! He needs to shut up and leave our little country alone! (Birdy)

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