Resisting the war on love: Day 4

Terrence Higgins Trust
  • Strange cyberting a gwa’an: one of  CAISO’s Facebook groups keeps generating errors that its messages have been reported for abusive or spammy content. And a CAISOnian reports that can’t be accessed from UWI computers. Weird!
  • A couple CAISOnians, two of them parents, were chatting not too long ago about teenagers: how horribly selfish they are. But the work young people have been doing around the His Way Out visit makes you want to have kids! Choked up yesterday talking about how the His Way Out visit has straight young people organizing to protect gay young people from the adults who are supposed to be protecting them.
  • Atillah Springer on Gayelle, Vernon Ramesar on IETV and Larry Lumsden on Power 102 stepped up to the plate and are putting this story of young people organizing on the air. If you missed WeNews last night and this morning, listen to the amazing interview on “One on One” on IETV Wednesday night at 7 (re-airing 7am Thursday). Or call in to Power 102 during the 9-10 pm broadcast Thursday: 222-TALK or 900-TALK.
  • Don’t forget: youth are again creating an alternative presence at Thursday’s IVCF-hosted His Way Out event on UWI’s campus. Meet at JFK underpass 1:15.
  • Stay tuned for information on television appearances.
  • More “homosexual agenda” jerseys coming soon. Order yours!

After saturating my brain with the culture of politics in the Caribbean for the past six hours, I’ll make this as brief as possible.

  1. Phillip Lee: Self-hating hypocrite who needs to realise he’s a flaming homo.
  2. Dr Judith Henry: Out-of-touch, bigoted sow whose medical licence should be revoked.
  3. The esteemed Mayor of Port-of-Spain: I just lost respect for you.
  4. Justice Yorke Soo-Hon: Don’t know who you are, and definitely not interested in knowing now.
  5. The person who wrote this: Go to school; clearly you don’t know the basic rules of journalism.
  6. The editor(s) who cleared this story: You should be shot reprimanded.
  7. The Trinidad Express: FAIL. Irresponsible, one-sided, embarrassing. Think about Uganda earlier this year, and the recent teen suicides in the US.

I’m ashamed to call myself a Trini right now.

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