Over 200 people attended T&T’s 15th annual Pride Memorial Sunday before last: Jaase shares her photo essay on the event

Celebrating those gone before us

Rainbowed faces smile and dance while mortal brothers and sisters dance and prance weekend after weekend. Not realising the deeper meaning behind PRIDE. Being caught in the heat of the moment, forget condomise…some flooded with lies of the reality of HIV and AIDS….Brother…Sister…do you prefer to see your face on the wall? or do you want to celebrate another memorial on this Earth…It’s your call.

The wall says volumes

A tapestry of emotion plastered on plain walls. If these walls could talk they could cry from pain and love. While we sit and listen to unending calls to protect ourselves memorial after memorial. After 15 years of Pride, what have we achieved? Only but 15 years of crying walls? or 15 years of love?

Standing in the light of remembrance

Standing in the light of remembrance. And in each flame burns a memory of all who went before us. Faces reflect in the light of the eyes of bowed heads and in the memory of all of us as a family as we interlink souls, forming one community.

As the list grows every year, we need to see the importance of protecting ourselves from HIV/AIDS.

Names read out minute after minute.A constant flow which you wish could cease, but can’t . Name after name after name. I know her, I know him….Sheldon, Jason, Tracy, Kim. I remember when we limed…they eyes shone dim. And my friend…oh dear friend..I did not assist. Did I disappoint? Because maybe I was not there to help you when you needed, but maybe I was there before and prayed that you heeded my warnings of HIV….but maybe you did not listen to me. Now I stand and annually hear you name, but I will never hang my head in shame, but instead hold my head so proud and know that the message of HIV is reaching and educating a much larger crowd.

Fallen soldier
A face of our fallen. Rest in peace, till the day we meet again. Your legacy lives on in our hearts and your story plays on the life’s stage everyday.

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2 thoughts on “Over 200 people attended T&T’s 15th annual Pride Memorial Sunday before last: Jaase shares her photo essay on the event

  1. Your writings always leaves me in AWE of you.Your words always seem to capture so much that is said,an so much that is unsaid…

  2. I enjoyed this. Let’s hope that with each Memorial there will be less names added to the list as a result of this dreaded disease. Keep up the good work!

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