What are you dreaming about this Emancipation weekend?

As we approach Emancipation Day (the international celebration of one of the biggest and longest human rights struggles ever), gspottt turns our attention to questions of human rights, with a series of posts over several days.

I want to be the revolution
by Stacy Warwick

I want to be the revolution
I want to be the revolution
You heard me
I want to be
The revolution that ends all revolutions
I want to be the reason
That government minister’s hearts quake
And they stand and shake
In their Italian design leather shoes
Because they know that this time
They choose to snooze
A little too long
And I will no longer
Dance to their song
Because my mind
Has grown too strong

No longer am I contented
To fall
By the waste side
While you wine and dine
On the fruits of my labour
Reaping a harvest
Of trees you didn’t sow
Dragging your family along
In tow
Benefiting from the sweat of my brow
And the blood of my soul

Well I say no more
I’m shutting the door on you
And lifting the blinds
In comes the sunlight
Of my revolution
Breaking the silence
Suffocating my nation
I’m breaking free
It’s the dawn of a new creation

So I am going to be the revolution
I going to be the revolution
I am going to stand up tall
Even when they try to make me small
And try to force me to fall
I will be as unmoving
As a brick wall

I will be the revolution
I will be the revolution
By refusing to give in
To the illusion
That I am free
No longer pretending
That the social ills
Aren’t terrorizing me

I will be the revolution
I will be the revolution
By reminding the politicians
That I do have a voice
And I do have a say
Remind them
That they are answerable to me
To earn their pay

I will be the revolution
That tells them to account to me in the light of day
For the secrets they keep hidden in the dark of night
I will be the revolution
For whom their sweet word will have no sway
Because I am shining a spotlight
A light that keeps burning bright
Dimming their sight
Because I know that I am right
And it’s a freedom fight
And freedom must prevail

So I will be the revolution
I will be the revolution
I will be the revolution

Stacy Warwick is a 26-year-old assistant accountant who loves to write in her free time. Send her your feedback or request more information at: stacywarwick@gmail.com

gspottt hopes to be a home for community voices and creative expression that trigger passionate advocacy: talk to us about featuring yours

Published by

CAISO Sex and Gender Justice

In late June 2009, on the eve of the fifteenth anuual celebration of Pride in Trinidad & Tobago, the Minister of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs gave our community a big fat slap: We are not dealing with any issues relating to same-sex unions, homosexuality or sexual orientation in the National Gender Policy and Action Plan, she told the media. Two days later, a range of groups and leaders in Trinidad & Tobago had come together to form the Coalition Advocating for Inclusion of Sexual Orientation, to foster a forward-thinking, visionary and humane approach to sexual orientation and gender identity and full citizenship in our proud nation, one consistent with the title of our national development plan, "Vision 20/20".

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