Recent murders & attacks

Garth John, September 2009

Kolen Salandy & Rondell Thomas?, September 2009

27-year-old man on Cap-de-Ville Rd., Guapo, July 2009

“Rice”, July 2009

Dave Holder, May 2009

Oral Brathwaite, March 2009

Kendall “Bago” Nash, August 2008

Trevor Alexander, August 2008

Wendell Taylor, June 2008
(killed picking a fight with a gay man)

Lester Baptiste, April 2008

Diedre-Ann Layne, March 2008

Lester “Rampel” Diaz, December 2007

Allister “Big Joe” Joseph, December 2007

Sean Christopher Taylor, August 2006

Sean Luke, March 2006

Elias Thomas, February 2004

Christopher Rollock, January 2002

Frederick Wiltshire, March 2001

Do you have any updates or additional information in any of these cases?

Are there other people YOU know who’ve lost their lives or been injured because of sex or prejudice?

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