July 30: Patricia gone with…Millicent? The ingenious imagination of homosexuality in calypso

Missed the original presentation of this amazing Pride month 2009 programme?
hanks to Alice Yard, there’s an audio document of the full event. E-mail us to request
to our online file of the presentation slideshow with an accompanying audio
Help us identify opportunities to present the work, or develop its recording.

Believe it or not, in sharp contrast to dancehall, homosexuality is one of the topics that calypso has handled with some of its sweetest ingenuity and subtlest imagination. Not all the time, of course. But surprisingly often.

Come and listen, nah!

Invader, Growler, Atilla (in dress) and Lion in a calypso tent in 1943
Invader, Growler, Atilla (as Eve) and Lion performing at the US Army base at Ft. Read, February 1943 (US Army Signal Corps)

Whether you simply love the calypso artform and Trini culture or you have a personal or family connection to the topic, join in a tent-like atmosphere where we will take in some two dozen recordings of fascinating calypsoes from the 1950s to the present that display surprising wit and intelligence in their treatment of same-sex love.

Share your own thoughts and calypsoes in the following brief discussion on calypso, soca, dancehall and sexual orientation in regional music and society and some ideas about next year’s Carnival.

Lime afterwards.

Thursday 30th July
7:30 pm
Alice Yard, 80 Roberts St., Woodbrook
btw. Brooklyn Bar (Carlos St.) & the Augustus Williams Playground (Murray St.)

This is a free event in honour of Pride month and in support of CAISO’s mission to promote a 20/20 vision of sexual orientation in sweet T&T. Let’s use the national artform for which the coalition is playfully named to bring folks together in fun.

Click for newspaper and television promotion of the event.

with sincere gratitude for the generosity of calypso historians Gordon Rohlehr & Zeno Obi Constance and Alice Yard

One thought on “July 30: Patricia gone with…Millicent? The ingenious imagination of homosexuality in calypso

  1. Let me start by saying that I do not agree with the Homosexual lifestyle but that is my feeling.

    I disagree even more with people killing, hurting or discrimminating against someone for any reason other than child molestation. NO ONE, NO ONE deserves their rights to be curtailed, unless for legal reasons. I don’t care about your sexual orientation YOU DESERVE RESPECT AND ALL THE RIGHTS I or any other Trinidadian do.

    I was born and grew up in Laventille and environs and the first encounter I had with homosexuality was a neighbour he did not hide who he was (nor should he have) and I can’t remember anybody being mean or nasty to him not even the boys on the block this intolerance is imported. Don’t get me wrong I disagree with the lifestyle but I also know that there are no big and small sins and until I am walking perfect as Christ I am in no position to get on a soap box. I do find it ‘boldface’ however when you say you don’t agree that you are label homophobic. I have a right to not agree, I have a right to express that (without being demeaning, hurtful or disrespectful) but I have a right to disagree.

    I am so sadden by these articles I became physically sick NO HUMAN BEING SHOULD DIE OR BE ABUSED the way these men did.

    I would like to get involved in the prevention of fellow citizens being robbed of thier rights to be.

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